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I Am Princess Ugly

Princess Ugly is moody indie-pop; under-the-radar alternative dream-pop with synthy and shoegazing elements, gothic undertones, and emotive lyricism.


Princess Ugly is an evolving and revolving line-up influenced by obscure new wave, post-punk, early 80's goth, shoegaze and all those bands from the early nineties that you loved, but your friends had never heard of.



It Should Be Clear By Now (2012)


J. Christopher-Rome

Christopher Moncrieffe

w/ Janelle Henderson


The Past, One Second At A Time (2010)


J. Christopher-Rome

Christopher Moncrieffe

w/ Alison Wesley

w/ Steve Lane

w/ Jeremy George


We Knew It Was Perfect (2006)


J. Christopher-Rome

Jon-Paul Ruane

w/ Jayme Blackburn